I wrote you letters

Remember the time you asked me to write something about you.I told you will write it someday but I wrote you letters everyday.Despite, I didn’t send you each day.But, once in a week.

I wrote you letters because I wanted a way through which I can give my feelings the words to reach you out there. I guess, I failed to give emotions to my words and maybe that’s the reason I never got replies.

I write about my day, no surprise my journal’s pages are over flowing with your name.

As I go through those pages, I realise how badly I was wounded by your love which was never mine.

I was true even when you were being pretentious, that’s the reason your ‘I love you’ never touched my heart.

I never saw any defect in you, but you saw a lot in me because you always looked at me through your mind, and I looked at you through my heart.

With you, even the wrong was right.

I don’t wanted my heart to lie my mind, anymore.

So, I walked away. Not because I stopped loving you

It’s because, my connection with me was disconnected to connect that I disconnected with yours.

But you will stay forever not in my heart but on the last page of my diary.